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Nejma Belarbi

Nejma Belarbi is a North African/Canadian Ethnobotanist whose work focuses on supporting the implementation of equity in practice and the Rights of Nature. She facilitates narrative and paradigm shifts through the concepts of value and ecosystems lens and collaborative design centered in unveiling historical and current perspectives that affect systemic inequity and ecological misalignment. 

Camilo Mejia

Camilo Mejia lives and works from Bogotá, Colombia. He began his career in the early 2000’s in Argentina, and since then he has been Creative Director for several agencies and independent media outlets in Latin America and the United States, focusing his work on the conceptualization and production of editorial campaigns and documentary series on…

Laura Basu

Laura Basu is a writer, academic and organiser. She is openDemocracy’s economics editor and a research fellow at the Institute for Cultural Inquiry, Utrecht University. She is author of Media Amnesia: Rewriting the Economic Crisis and co-editor of The Media & Austerity

Topaz Zega

Topaz Zega (she/they) is a non-binary and climate justice activist from Mexico. They have worked with grassroots, national, and international collectives like the Re-Earth Initiative and Fridays for Future. They are also a storyteller and writer.

Maytik Avirama

Maytik Avirama is the Co-Founder and Co-Producer of Radio Savia. Maytik is a Kokonuko indigenous woman, podcast producer, environmental activist, Political and Human Ecologist that lives in Colombia. She is passionate about sound, diversity conservation, traditional knowledge, healing practices and movements for land defense. 

Linda Daniels

Linda Daniels journalism career includes media training to capacitate women and those in the popular education movement to become community reporters including facilitating youth expression by training young people, from low-income communities in South Africa, in the tools of radio production so that they could tell their own stories. I am excited by  new approaches…

Ebony Gustave

Ebony Gustave is a community organizer, cultural preservationist, and storyteller. They are the founder of Cooperative Journal podcast, an archive of interviews spotlighting how people are collectivizing to meet their needs beyond capitalism. As a co-steward of its multimedia umbrella, Cooperative Journal Media, they are bridging the gaps between political education, imagination, co-creation, and actualization. 

Adam Oosthuizen

Adam Oosthuizen completed a BA in Philosophy and Film studies and then spent 5 years working in the on stories in Virtual Reality on Environmental, Health, Food Aid and Epistemology. Guided by a sense that inter-being is greater than individualism – Adam found himself living in an experimental Post-Capitalist community in Costa Rica and working…

Amanda Hodgeson

Amanda Hodgeson [They | She] is a queer feminist activist. Their work centres on developing, uncovering and co-creating the tools and practices necessary to design, build and embody non-normative societies, futures and states of being. 

Ann Marie Utratel

Ann Marie Utratel is the co-founder of and Guerrilla Media Collective, working on re-centering trust and care in cooperatives through practices learned from the Commons/P2P, open source, open value accounting and feminist economics.