We shift dominant narratives to create systems change.

Our Story

CHL was born out of a decade of research and development in narrative-led culture change work. Our work combines key insights and methods from cognitive linguistics, behavioral economics, evolutionary biology, memetics, and big data analysis. We are a cooperatively run consultancy and have a board of directors. We operate with the principles and transparency of a not-for-profit without the bureaucracy and overhead costs.

Our Process

The Culture Hack process is based on an integrated set of tools and techniques to track, research and intervene in cultural narratives. We capture and map large volumes of social data using the Culture Hack platform. We then analyze the networks, language, and deep logics to develop actionable insights for strategic narrative interventions.


We are a distributed network of researchers, movement leaders, artists, communications strategists, and developers. We come together to create campaigns that cut to the heart of dominant narratives and propel change.


Anastasia is a researcher, project manager and creator of order in chaotic data. She holds a PhD in linguistics and has over a decade of experience in discourse analysis, narrative research, and education. Raised negotiating borders and identities in Russia and Sweden, Anastasia is committed to uplifting global justice work and complex lived experience. She lives in Portland, Oregon (USA) with her wife and cat.


Over the last decade, Ashima has worked in various capacities from human resource management to operations management to public outreach. She is experienced in designing and implementing international inclusion and diversity programs, training workshops and public speaking. She strongly believes in the lifelong process of learning, unlearning and relearning and is passionate about creating change in communities around the world.


Fede lives in an indigenous community in Mexico, he actively collaborates with social movements creating narratives of resistances; his work lives in the intersections of art, technology and politics to create structural changes.


Lucila Sandoval is a Mexican communicator, based in Guadalajara. She focuses on the use and analysis of networks to understand public conversations and the way in which social movements engage with them.


Marcus is a computer scientist turned software engineer who believes that open source software can be an asset for positive change and online privacy. He lives in Brazil with his wife and can make coffee in six different ways.


Mehul has worked to develop technologies that create change for the benefit of all. Most recently his focus has been on developing a robust set of tools for narrative change work,in his role as Technology Director at The Rules. He holds an MPhil in Social Innovation and is currently working towards his doctorate in Management Information Systems at The University of Cape Town.


Data Analyst and Programmer. Currently MA student of Social Sciences and Postgraduate student in Data Science w/ Big Data. Lives in Vitória/Brazil with his dog Bruce, the Chihuahua.


Paloma Martínez is a feminist and a communicator specialized in media analysis and political communication. She designs campaigns with and for social movements, activists and territories in resistance to the climate crisis. She is committed to regain the politics of the commons and making structural changes. Lives in México with her best friends and her cat.


Wancharle is a computer engineer, teacher and passionate about researching anything that improves community life. He holds a Master's degree in informatics and over a decade of experience in Software and Web Development. Wancharle is interested in smart cities, crowdsourcing, augmented reality, and simulators because he believes these technological concepts can leverage community life. He lives in Brazil with his family.



Alnoor’s work focuses on the intersection of political organizing, systems thinking and narrative work. He is the co-founder and Executive Director of The Rules (TR), a global network of activists, organizers, designers, coders, researchers, writers and others focused on changing the rules that create inequality, poverty and climate change. Prior to TR, Alnoor was a partner and head of strategy at Purpose, a political consultancy focused on movement building.


Felipe Viveros is an independent researcher, strategist and consultant specialising in campaigning, program design and fundraising. He has worked with governments and organisations globally pioneering the prototyping and implementation of a new development paradigm, and has served as the European representative of the GNH Centre Bhutan, the board Chair of /TR and at the Sacred Head Waters Initiative.


Gathoni Blessol is an activist community organizer and strategist. She primarily works on economic justice and queer rights through a feminist and anti-colonial lens. Her work is grounded in intersectional feminist perspectives and applying interdisciplinary methods, like the use of political education, art and technology to advocate for change through people’s power.


Jessey has been a hacker, activist, and entrepreneur for nearly 20 years. He started his career as a teenager at Earthlink and since then has built numerous websites, applications, online communities, and startups. Prior to his work as the Chief Software Architect at Lucid, he was Hacker-in-Residence at Betaworks in New York and prior to that, a partner and technical director at Polychrome, a digital agency based in Los Angeles. During the early '00s he was also one of the creators of The Guerrilla News Network, a seminal platform for citizen journalism and global activism.


Martin Kirk is an activist and new economy consultant. He works primarily with the NoVo Foundation on supporting the emergence of new forms of economic and institutional forms. Martin was co-founder and Director of Strategy for /The Rules, a global collective of activists of all types dedicated to challenging the root causes of global poverty and inequality, where he worked to bring insights from the cognitive sciences, memetics, and systems theory to bear on issues of public understanding of complex global challenges.