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In the era of extermination, where the race for infinite economic growth is leading us to planetary collapse, we call for a reimagining of narratives about our belonging to Earth.

The idea of land ownership sits at the heart of an extraction-based, global operating system. Land laws have been created by the logic of separation from the natural world, class hierarchies, elite ownership, structural racism and the enclosure and privatization of the commons. 


CHL is convening a group of 24 land defenders, activists, and system change practitioners from Alaska to Central America to engage in a collective ‘hack’ on the land ownership narrative.

Our aim is to combine CHL’s methodology and technology platform for narrative analysis with on-the-ground expertise and organizing capacity of land defenders to shift the narrative and evolve culture beyond the construct of land ownership. 


This will be a 4-month online container that begins June 2023 and will culminate in an in-person gathering in Costa Rica in August 2023. The cohort will be active participants in the ‘hack’ and move through the following touchpoints each week. In addition to the cohort, we will make the content available to an accompaniment circle that would like  to follow along the journey.

Each month, we’ll have four touchpoints. 

Week 1: Narrative Masterclass

One masterclass which will cover four key aspects of Culture Hacking.

Week 2: Collective Hack 

One session where we collaboratively move through the Culture Hack Labs methodology with the participation of the cohort. 

Week 3: Guest Webinar

One webinar where we invite guests to speak on topics related to the land ownership narrative and the defense of land. 

Week 4: Reflection and Integration 

One session for reflection and to  create the space for integration.


For the cohort of land defenders, activists, system change practitioners, we offer:

  • An introduction to narrative work, sharing tools and methodologies 
  • A space for practitioners to collaborate and explore narrative approaches
  • Webinar guest series with leading minds and hearts in the field
  • An in-person gathering in Costa Rica bringing together the cohort in August 2023
  • Collaborative digital space to work together 
  • An opportunity to build relations with other land defenders/regenerators to collaborate around potential movements or actions beyond the 4-month process.

This program is free for participants. Costs of the gathering will be covered including airfare.

For the accompaniment circle following along on the journey, we offer:

  • Access to live sessions and recordings of the narrative master classes, webinars, and collective hack.

*all content will be offered in English and Spanish.


Culture Hack Labs calls for land back to right relations.

For the cohort, we are seeking 24 participants from Alaska to Central America and the Caribbean who identify as BIPOC, can commit to 2-5h per week and to 7 days in Costa Rica at the end of August 2023.

Those who are deeply embedded in their contexts and communities who are interested in the power of narratives. Those who are seeking a network of solidarity and a space to collaborate where bridges beyond borders can be built. 

We call on those who seek to transform the dominant narratives on land ownership. 

We call on those who are part of diverse and anti-colonial movements, those who seek to decommodify land and create regenerative models, those who belong to indigenous resistance and defend the territories. Those who plant the seeds of ancestral futures.

If you would like to join the cohort, apply on the link below by May 15.

For the accompaniment circle, we are seeking allies who are interested in learning alongside us and amplifying narratives in service to life. 

If you would like to follow along the  journey, sign up below.

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