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Territories of Transition

Land Back to Right Relations
Narrative Briefing

This briefing presents an overview of the narrative research and briefing for Land Back to Right Relations.

This is a narrative intervention that calls for land back to right relations: the return of land from the enclosures of colonialism and capitalism to new patterns of radical relationality.

Published November 9, 2023

This issue contains a five part briefing outlined below in addition to a letter from Indigenous leaders entitled We are the Earth and the Culture Hack Labs statement on Palestine.

In this issue you will find the following:

1. Context
We explore how land is at the center of the global polycrisis and has historically been a key driver of capitalism and colonialism, and their 21st century mutations (neoliberalism and neocolonialism). As part of this, we provide extensive data on who owns the land – providing evidence for the rampant land inequality existing today.

2. Narrative Analysis
This in depth research builds on the original research conducted in 2022: “Territories of Transition”. Here, we map the narrative space and outline several narrative objectives for the reframe intervention.

3. Embodying Indigeneity
This piece unpacks the antidote logic to land ownership. It explains how Indigenous ontologies of relationality and interdependence provide guiding inspiration for the  “ontological shift” needed in this intervention.

4. Beautiful Alternatives
This catalog describes existing initiatives which demonstrate living examples of initiatives that are in right relationship to land.

5. Manifesto for Right Relationship
This set of principles, co-created by Indigenous peoples, outlines what “right relationship” means.

Toolkit and data

As part of this briefing, we are also publishing a toolkit complete with actions and scripts to help you implement this reframe into communications. Additionally, we have published two datasets 1) relating to global land ownership and use and 2) killings and land grabs in Palestine from 1987 to the present day.

You can access these below.

Briefing presentation

Watch the recording to get a 1 hour overview of the work, how you can use it, and hear Rosa Marina Florez Cruz, Ras K’dee and Mehana Blaich Vaughan, Indigenous land defenders, shared what being in right relationship to land means to them.

Issue contents