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Beautiful Alternatives Catalog

The beautiful alternatives catalog serves to act as an overarching guide to highlight the transitional pathways that do not conform to the extractivist, unsustainable, inhuman, and ecologically dire ways in which the current system has been established. Within this catalog, we have four categories under which sub-categories of these pathways can be found as well as a list of initiatives that embody these practices. The divisions are:

Published November 9, 2023

Land and Agricultural Related Alternatives

this is a space consisting of practices, frameworks, and systems which are tied to the regeneration and protection of the land and life. These alternatives are also concerned with changing the food systems. 

Resistance Movements

within this space we highlight the collective mobilizations of groups with shared values and goals that are striving for sustainable changes. These include Indigenous land rights movements, human rights activists and those fighting for the rights of nature.

Life Centered Alternatives

this sphere focuses on pathways wherein humans are mobilizing in meaningful ways which place the rights of the more-than-human as well as human rights at the forefront, these alternatives differ from resistance movements as these are ways of life rather than politically, socially or economically grounded perspectives. Many of the movements, groups and coalitions found here have originated from a space of building onto ancient knowledge.

Lenses of Indigeneity

this sphere is situated within philosophical and ontological models of Indigenous wisdoms and Indigenous knowledge systems which have existed since ancient times, providing unique worldviews which serve to situated humans and nature as interrelated.