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Culture Hack Labs
Statement on Palestine

Published November 16, 2023

We are witnessing the outcome of late-stage capitalist modernity. A patriarchal, colonial, racist, system of oppression that is designed to favor war over peace and profit over life.

As the number of Palestinans killed rises to over 10000 since Oct 7, as international war crimes are being committed, as the US continues to fund the Israeli military, we must name the root of this atrocity – the continuous, structural violence of Israeli settler colonialism and occupation against Palestinians.

Any ideology that dehumanizes and justifies cruelty as a pathway for liberation or security will only perpetuate more oppression and war.

Palestinians deserve peace, security and liberation.
To live with self determination free from military occupation on their ancestral homelands.

Systemic oppressions of peoples, the dispossession of land, erasure of cultures and the destruction of our planet are all connected. Colonialism, capitalism, racism, supremacy, and hate are the bricks of the wall of separation, and the bombs of this massacre.

There cannot be a pathway toward peace and collective liberation without dismantling structural inequality, ending colonial violence, and rematriating land.

We stand in solidarity with Palestine and all people who are suffering oppression by colonial, imperialist, racist, and capitalist governments. 

We stand in solidarity with all the victims of this structural violence, regardless of their nationality or religious beliefs.

May we wake up from this nightmare to the understanding that our liberation is bound together and our healing entangled.

We pray that our collective grief opens us to the sacred work of transmuting loss into wisdom, disrupting the cycle of trauma and initiating us into the web of life.

We call for an immediate ceasefire.
We call for an end to the occupation.
We call for land back to right relations.
We call for the safe return of hostages. 

There cannot be peace without liberation.
None of us are free, until all of us are free. 

This statement was updated on Nov 30, 2023.