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The Culture Hack Curriculum

The 4 Principles of Narrative Forms

In this video we will take a deeper dive into understanding the 4 principles of the narrative form – this is essentially a summary of what you’ve just learned.

The first principle holds that: Narrative Forms have a material layer that is clearly visible and measurable. This includes speech acts, images, text, video, clothing, art and other cultural expressions that we find in our daily lives.

The second principle holds that The Narrative Form has a virtual layer that is not visible or measurable but that deeply influences the material layer. This is where sensation, conception and intention happens.

The third principle holds that the material and virtual layers of narrative forms are interconnected, interdependent and mutually support each other.  Simply the virtual layer is how we understand the world and the material layer is how we act in the world based on that understanding. That is why for Culture Hacking in order to change the world, we change narratives.

And finally the fourth principle holds that Narrative Forms are emergent, complex and in flux. This means that narrative forms coexist in the narrative space, can influence each other and have the capacity to evolve.

If you survived until here, follow the white rabbit Neo.


  1. Cultural expressions are creative manifestations of cultural identities including art, music, signs and symbols, ceremonies and rituals, stories, architecture and performance.