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The Culture Hack Curriculum

Step 1 – Ask

The first part of the Culture Hack method is to collectively ask the correct questions in order to develop a point of view statement. It is essentially a statement that outlines the context and goals of the narrative intervention you want to engage in. 

The point of view statement is your compass to guide you through your journey. It helps us create a shared understanding of what we are trying to achieve.

There are some guiding principles for you to consider when creating your point of view statement in the notes of this module. 

There are four key questions which guide the creation of the point of view statement

  1.  Who are you? 
  2. What is your motivation? 
  3. What is the desired outcome?
  4. How will you create change? 

You can look at the letter of the lake from the Yo Prefiero El Lago case study for an excellent example of a poetic and political Point of View Statement.

Take your time developing your point of view because it will be your compass and your guide throughout the rest of this process.