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The Culture Hack Curriculum

Example POV 1: Technical

As a group of climate activists

We see that the effects of Covid19, recent protest movements starting with the 2019 XR Rebellion, the resurgence of #BLM of 2020 and the current lockdown protests are converging in a Government response aiming to encroach on civil liberties

Therefore we want to bring attention to the relationship between civil liberties and climate crisis. In particular we want to reach those people who may be undecided, uninformed or uninterested.

We will do this by:

  • Mapping the narrative landscape in the UK at this time – identifying communities and influencers – as they pertain to ‘almost there’ communities.
  • Developing communication strategies and hypotheses that fit these communities either as one reframe strategy or several parallel ones
  • Organizing, briefing and coordinating a broad spectrum of creatives to create assets for the campaign
  • disseminating the campaign on a cross-platform (tv/radio/social media) basis leveraging a network of influencers and frontline workers
  • providing a toolkit with messaging to a range of protest movements, from environmentalists to social justice activists
  • sharing the findings of the campaign to representatives from a broad spectrum of activists in the lead-up to Cop26
  • measuring the campaign in real time to continue to find pressure points for reframe activity