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The Culture Hack Curriculum

The CHL Methodology

In the first three modules, we covered the theory behind culture hacking that explains why we need to evolve our collective narratives towards narratives that place life and inter-being at the center, because in our current anthropocentric cultural context, our collective evolution is unsustainable.

The next four modules will show you how exactly we hack narratives.

There are five parts to the Culture Hack Method:

  • We first ASK the correct questions in order to develop a point of view.
  • We then LISTEN to the narrative space.
  • This helps us UNDERSTAND the key insights of the narrative forms that are important to us.
  • These key insights allow us to then REFRAME the deep logics, beliefs and assumptions
  • in order to HACK the narratives we want to shift. 

The Culture Hack Method distills 8 years of research and development by groups of radical thinkers, movement leaders, poets, hackers and artists. 

This method was built upon the understanding that our ultimate goal is to change the dominant culture and shift the beliefs that create, sustain and perpetuate the Anthropocene. 

Over the years Culture Hack has intervened in many different narratives around the world. We invite you to read our case studies and watch the documentaries to have a deeper understanding of the work we have done and continue to do.

It is important to remember that this is a living method and we invite you to make it your own.


  1. The dominant cultures and beliefs underlying the Anthropocene  include capitalism, neoliberalism, patriarchy, white supremacy, colonialism, enclosure,  enslavement, genocide, extraction of the natural world, exploitation of human beings and the more-than-human world. Read more in our white paper that provides a framework and shared language of the structural and cultural roots of this era, while defining pathways for cultural evolution, or watch our short video on the Anthropocene.