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The Culture Hack Curriculum

Step 3 – Identifying Narrative Communities

Now that you’ve developed your initial insights from your collected data, you can start identifying narrative communities. 

You will assemble a picture of the communities that best represent specific narratives,

You will need to name your narrative communities and provide a brief description – use this table from our longer notes to help you, and see an example of a completed table.

Remember that narrative communities are groups of people talking to each other persistently about a specific thing over time—similar to an echo chamber. These hubs of discussions shape and influence narratives on a specific topic. 

Narrative Communities are the crux of Culture Hack Labs’ methodology. Our goal in the next part of the Understand Phase is to map these communities and their underlying belief systems to inform our narrative strategy. Because once we unpack a Narrative Community’s belief systems, we can identify their justifications for action, and use that to guide our narrative intervention.